About Our Plans

Each set of Southern Classic Design plans includes:

  • Detailed and dimensioned 1/4" scale footing and foundation plan with loads traced.
  • Detailed and dimensioned 1/4" scale floor plans.
  • Detailed and dimensioned framing plans identifying all beam locations, structural elements and toilet locations.
  • Detailed window and door schedules.
  • Detailed 1/4" scale front, rear, and side elevations with all section keybacks.
  • 1/4" scale roof plan with all section keybacks.
  • Detailed and dimensioned 3/4" scale sections showing footing, foundation, walls, and all differing roof-to-wall connections and porches.
  • Various interior elevations of major focal point elements.

Floor plans and elevations are subject to change. Consult working drawings for actual dimensions and details.

Square footage calculations are made from the outside of exterior frame walls and represent heated floor area only. Basements, Playrooms and Bonus Rooms are not included in the total heated square footage.

Even though mechanical layouts are not provided, framing plans are designed to allow for the installation of plumbing and HVAC systems. We suggest that you consult local mechanical contractors.

All beam locations are identified, but actual sizes may not have been specified. Conditions such as roof loads and desired deflection vary. Consult with a beam manufacturer or qualified engineer for actual beam specifications for your area.

Our plans have been designed to meet the regional and/or national codes that were in effect at the time the design was completed. Since many areas have different code requirements we suggest you consult an architect or design professional to ensure compliance.

Copyright Notice:
All designs and plans are protected under the copyright law. Reproduction by any means in whole or in part is strictly prohibited. Purchaser is licensed to build one structure only from the plans or vellums. Purchaser may reproduce up to 14 sets using vellums. Designs and plans cannot be resold or transferred in any form.